Coming to Fyling Hall makes me happy

Coming to Fyling Hall twice already makes me happy. Once at the beginning of the term, at the start of my time as a boarding pupil and more recently, coming back after half term break. Both times were completely different.

I always wanted to have the opportunity to go to school in England for a while. The tradition, the close connection to the school and the other pupils: Boarding school life. I was excited when I first arrived at Fyling Hall. Everything was new: the language, the people, the lessons and everyday life. There were also some moments of homesickness. My second arrival was completely different. It was like coming home. Although travelling is not easy at the moment – there are a lot of documents to fill out and organize to even get to your home country and back – I don’t regret my excitement and the adventure of travelling alone for the first time without family or friends.

Because it put me in the situation of arriving in Fyling Hall again and this time with completely different feelings in my luggage. In the meantime, new friends were waiting for me here and school life as a boarder was now familiar to me. There are many things I love and appreciate.

I enjoy my time as a boarder at Fyling Hall very much, even though it is very different from home. I love the scenery, the view of the bay at any time of day and the school uniform.

Everyone here has grown close to my heart. I have made friends from different countries and I am looking forward to deepening and strengthening these friendships in the time I have left here.

I could also imagine to stay here all year round and to enjoy the great English countryside and to spend time with my friends.

Victoria, Year 11 from Germany