Coastal Fieldwork Trip

We are lucky that our small independent school in Yorkshire is situated in such a beautiful location. The easy access to the outdoors and the North York Moors National Park, gives us great opportunities for field-trips and coursework. This is is important to everyone, however it is particularly helpful to A-Level students. They can get out and about for subject research and fieldwork. Isobel Bagley tells us about her recent Geography field trip.

Isobel Bagley, Year 13 student – Geography Coastal Fieldwork Trip

Last month I visited Scarborough beach to collect and analyse data for my A- level geography fieldwork. I planned to investigate evidence of erosion and coastal processes in the area, to assess the effectiveness of coastal management. I went to two beaches- North Bay and South Bay- to compare their differences. It was a sunny, frosty winter’s day and the tide had recently gone out, leaving a wide beach to survey.

Beginning by measuring the rate of longshore drift, I timed a ball moving across the beach using a stopwatch and a tape measure. Then I moved on to measure the gradient of the beach at different points along the shoreline to gain an insight into the amount of sand deposited, also taking photos of the landscape to support this data. Next, I measured the size and recorded the shape of the pebbles, this showed patterns which gave me an insight into the strength of the waves, as the pebbles were much smaller at South Bay than at North Bay.

This was an enjoyable day which allowed me to learn more about the coastal systems and gather valuable data.