“A Christmas Carol” Spectacular!

Last Friday afternoon, the Junior School delivered the much anticipated Christmas play “A Christmas Carol”. It was a departure from the previous years’ more traditional nativity plays, but it was very well received by both the children and the parents.

Form 2 and 3 have been studying the Victorian era across many of their subject areas this term, including a dramatic and musical interpretation of scenes from”Oliver” earlier on in the year, but Dickens’ Christmas classic was an opportunity for all of the Junior School’s pupils to appreciate a literary and seasonal classic.

One of our school journalists, Asa Jones, attended the show and here’s what he had to say…

“As I sat down at 2 o’clock, I found the barn filled with a warm, welcoming atmosphere accompanied by a Christmassy scent in the air, which rounded up the experience very well.

With a new song popping up every other moment I feel it’s appropriate to, at the very least, mention the music. It was live, beautifully performed, and way beyond enjoyable. Whether you were tapping your foot along to ‘Fezziwigs Rock and Roll’ or shedding a tear at ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ you could not dispute the talent of the cast.

The play involved some intriguing techniques –including the Cratchet ‘Stomp’ inspired performance and smoke machine, which literally added to atmosphere. It was simply inspiring to see such young actors and actresses go on stage and just have fun. Another highlight was watching them playing around in the paper snow, which is the closest I’ve come to winter weather so far. It just shows how much fun was had by all.

Well done to the pupils who performed, thank you to the staff and in particular Miss Edwards, without which the production would not have gone ahead, and to you at home, in the words of Tiny Tim, “God bless us, everyone.”

junior play form1


junior play scrooge


junior play year 5

junior play all

junior play year 6