Charity Fundraising for Young Minds – Charlie Peregrine to Shave his Head!

Head Girls Izzy Bagley and Emie Burnett are raising funds for Young Minds charity, and they’re taking a unique approach to fundraising. They’ve convinced their classmate Charlie Peregrine to let them shave his head to encourage donations to this vital charity. If they can reach their fundraising target of £250 then Charlie will sacrifice his locks! Please do consider donating – just click here. Mental health support is crucial for young adults and teenagers, and the students want to make a difference.

Young Minds charity is a UK-based charity that provides essential support and guidance to young people struggling with mental health issues, and every donation helps to make a difference. If you’d like to learn more about the work Young Minds do please visit their website. We have been raising funds throughout the year and hope that this initiative will provide an extra boost to the fundraising.

Izzy and Emie hope to encourage donations to this important cause. They’re asking for your help to reach their goal of £250. You can make a donation of any amount at all, as every little bit helps and really does make a difference to the lives of those in need. Your donation could help provide support and guidance to young people in need, and could even save a life. It’s easy to donate using this gofundme page. Thank you.