Changes to our Clubs and Societies

There are a few changes to our Clubs and Societies in the run-up to Christmas – with these new clubs are being added:

  • Latin has replaced Philosophy as requested by many students. Join Mr Thomas for an introduction into this influential language and learn the history of the lives of people living in Pompeii along the way. You may even get the opportunity to gain a qualification.
  • Maths Club has been added for Year 11s and Year 13s in the run-up to their mock exams.
  • English Club does the same thing for Year 11s for their GCSE English studies (run fortnightly).
  • Prep Club is for those in KS3 who would benefit from a supportive space to get their homework done and dusted before going home. (run fortnightly).
  • Battle of the Bands has begun. Get your act together, write or re-arrange a song for a performance next year.

With these changes to our Clubs and Societies, the new schedule is:


  • Latin Society: Mr Thomas’s English Room
  • Maths Club: Mr Walsh’s Maths Room
  • Board Games Club: Mr Walsh’s Maths Room
  • Choir: The Barn
  • Football: meet outside the Staff Room


  • English Club (KS4): Mrs Milner’s English Room in weeks 3 and 5 of this term.
  • Prep Club (KS3): Mrs Milner’s English Room in weeks 2, 4 and 6 of this term.
  • Art Club: The Art Room. KS4/5 weeks 3 and 5. KS3 weeks 2, 4 and 6
  • Technology Society: The Physics Lab. KS3 weeks 3 and 5. KS4/5 weeks 2, 4 and 6
  • History Club: Mrs Harrington’s History Room.
  • HIIT Training: meet in the Stackyard
  • Hockey: meet outside the Staff Room
  • Battle of the Bands: meet in the Barn

Ayd Instone, Head of Curriculum Enrichment and Communications