The year 7’s decided to compete with different challenges to help to raise money for Comic Relief.

Challenge 1: To see who could last the longest eating a jam donut without licking their lips – well done to Silas!

Challenge 2: Who could blow the largest Comic Relief bubble without popping it – well done Reo!

Challenge 3: To guess how many M&M’s are in a large packet – very closely guessed and mathematically calculated by Cameron.

Challenge 4: To find the champion Comic Relief Word search/Sudoku champion. Excellent speed from the winners Ailsa and Thea.

Challenge 5: To find the champion wet soap catcher – won by ‘year 7’ for the day Sarah Taylor!

Well done also to Harry for winning the trophy for the best participation.

By paying to enter the challenges and their non-uniform money, the year 7’s collected a total of £30. Thank you to Ailsa for her excellent organisational skills and donation of the trophies. It was good fun!