Celebrating Our Students’ National-Level Sporting Achievements

Fyling Hall School may be a small school but our students’ achievements are definitely not small! Here, we are delighted to be celebrating some amazing sporting achievements by Fyling Hall students.

Sporting Achievements – A Spotlight on Four Individuals

We caught-up with four Fyling Hall school students; Edward, Alex, Bethany and Belle to find out about their remarkable sporting achievements.

Edward – Year 10 – Cycling

Edward started competing in road cycling at the age of 12. He was selected for the GB Olympic development junior team and competes at a national level. Edward hopes to ride abroad soon. He is already sponsored – quite an achievement for someone not yet 16 – and is hoping to be selected by a team before the age of 18 and to continue professionally. Edward has set his sites on the ultimate cycling race, the Tour de France.

He will be travelling to Scotland at Easter to take part in the Youth Tour of Scotland as part of a team of 4 with a team manager. It is run like the Tour de France with mileage of 60/70 miles a day and each day ending with podiums and jerseys.  As a keen climber will be hoping for the spotty jersey.

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Alex – Year 11 – Rugby

Alex has been playing rugby since the age of 7 and is now part of The Yorkshire Academy. This is the regional academy, meaning that he plays above county level at a youth-premiership level. Being part of the academy involves an intense training programme and playing matches at a very high-level. As it is just one level below the England youth academy it means scouts are keeping an eye on the academy players. Alex is hoping for a professional contract after he turns 18.

Matches are held every Friday this March and around training and matches and school-work Alex keeps up his fitness up and strength. Alex also plays for the local Scarborough Rugby club. 

sporting achievements - rugby - year 11 alex

Bethany – Year 11 – Horse Riding, Dressage

Earlier this year Bethany and (her horse) Monty competed at Bishop Burton at the Petplan Area Festival competing in the medium dressage class. They achieved an amazing second-place finish.

This is a fantastic achievement in its self, but it was made more impressive by the fact that it was an open age category so they faced competition from some experienced performers. Bethany’s second place meant she was not only the highest placed under 21 rider in her category, but in the whole competition.

The most exciting news is that the second-place finish sees Bethany and Monty progress to the National Final at Addington in April.

We look forward to hearing all about it.

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Belle – Year 7 – Gymnastics

Belle competed this March in the British Gymnastics Team Qualifiers, winning a bronze medal. She competed against 11 other teams from across the whole of Northern England making this a fantastic achievement.

Belle has been training 3 to 4 days per week on top of school work, showing the immense dedication required of gymnasts. She also dances and will soon be focusing more on dance – we can’t wait to see the results!



These individuals are enjoying phenomenal success in their chosen sports and showing immense dedication to training. We wish them congratulations and all the best for their continued success. 

Fyling Hall School offers a diverse range of sports within games lessons – including horse-riding, climbing and mountain-biking. The school has a termly programme of fixtures, which can be seen on the school calendar, with an emphasis on everyone getting involved and trying their best. The Junior School have weekly swimming lessons on Thursdays. And our boarding students enjoy evenings in the sports hall. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions about sports,  the sports / PE department or would like to share a sporting achievement. 

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