School Buses

School buses are available for students at no extra charge from Whitby, Scarborough and surrounding areas. To register for the school bus please contact the office. Pupils wishing to take the second bus need to sign up for this every morning. All times are subject to weather and traffic conditions

Bus Route – Scarborough


Pick up point Time
Crossgates (Community Centre) 7:27am
Seamer 7:30am
East Ayton Primary School 7:35am
Scarborough Sixth Form 7:39am
Falsgrave Road (Spar) 7:42am
Bus stop- Stephen Joseph Theatre (Railway station)  7:48am
Field Lane (High Mill Estate)   7.54am
Station Rd (Bus stop next to tennis courts) 7.56am
Burniston (Opposite Englands garage ) 8.05am
Cloughton (near Blacksmiths Arms) 8:07am
The Falcon 8.09am
The Flask 8:15am

Arrive at Fyling Hall School 8.25am



Drop Off 1st Bus 2nd Bus
Fyling Hall School 4:25pm 5:40pm
The Flask 4:35pm 5:50pm
The Falcon 4:37pm 5:52pm
Cloughton (Blacksmiths Arms) 4:43pm 5:58pm
Burniston (Englands Garage) 4:45pm 6:00pm
Station Rd (Bus stop next to tennis courts) 4:47pm 6:02pm
Field Lane (High Mill Estate) 4:50pm 6:07pm
Railway Station 4:57pm 6:18pm
Falsgrave Road (Opp Spar) 4:59pm 6:20pm
Scarborough Sixth Form College 5:04pm 6:25pm
East Ayton Primary School 5:08pm 6:29pm
Seamer 5:13pm 6:33pm
Crossgates (Opp Community Centre) 5:15pm 6:35pm