Normally bubbles are something the children play with on the flagstones but they mean something quite different for schools now! The staff in Fyling Hall’s Junior School are itching to get all of the pupils back in their classes and it will work well with forms and bubbles. Every single thing we do is being thought about carefully and we want everything to be as normal and safe as possible for both pupils and staff. We have been clearing the form rooms of equipment and furniture that we don’t need- my form room admittedly, was ridiculously full! It looks spacious and airy now. Desks are forward facing which I actually like as the pupils can see the board clearly. 

The youngest pupils still have toys to play with of course, just no soft toys. Pandy (huge class Panda) and his fluffy friends are safely away from little hands!Having all of the outside space will be a huge benefit and one we have always made use of long before Covid happened. Children will still need to run around and have fun! Forest school will still happen each Friday, games lessons will continue too.

The pupils have been away from normal school for quite a while and there will be a period of adjustment, back to routines, back to work and most importantly back to their friends. We will be giving them and you, their parents, as much information as possible in the next few weeks. There will be a lot of tutor time too so that the pupils have plenty of time to discuss how they are feeling and ask any questions they may have.

The curriculum will be unchanged, with all subjects being taught. After school clubs will hopefully continue after a couple of weeks when we have seen how everything is going.I really can’t wait to get back in my classroom and see all of those smiling faces again. 

Mrs Amanda Freer, Junior School Headteacher