Bringing Learning German at School to Life

Sprichst du Deutsch? – Ja! 

At Fyling Hall School we like to bring German lessons to life, giving our students hands on, practical experience of the language and the culture and history. We use different tools and media to support learning and make it enjoyable. Learning a new language takes perseverance, but it is a key to more connections with others. It nurtures deeper understanding of others and allows for new cultural experiences and and opens up possibilities. Students can study German in years 7 – 9 and opt for German GCSE and German A Level.

For Book Week this year our year 8 students wrote their own version of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ – in German ( ‘Die Kleine Raupe Nimmersatt’)! It was a great way to bring Book Week into the German Lesson and allowed them to practice their translation and presentation skills. Students read their story versions out for the class. You can head over to our Instagram to listen!

Year 9 German

Our Year 9 German class planned weekend trips to their favourite places in Germany and Austria. They researched the locations – reading, watching and listening to information and put together slide shows. The students presented their plans, in German, to the class. It was a lovely opportunity to not only learn the German language but delve into the geography, culture, history and landscapes of the weekend destinations. We all learnt about something new from our fellow-students,

Deutsch macht Spaß!  – German is Fun!

Year 7 students learning German had fun talking about animals! Most of our Year 7 students are new to learning German and we’re delighted that they’ve got involved and challenged themselves!. As you can see everyone was happy to speak up and give it a go.

Beyond the classroom, we are fortunate to have German boarding students as part of our international community at Fyling Hall School. This provides an opportunity for socialising, cultural exchange and the sharing of ideas that benefits everyone. We encourage our students to try out what they’ve learned in class with the German peers.

Pie Game
German Guess Who

A great example of our all-round approach to language learning is the annual Fyling Hall Nikolaustag tradition which, some of you will remember, runs before Christmas. Each December our year 7s make their own Nikolausstiefel, (decorated boots) and sing the Nikolauslied (we know it’s not Nikolaustag now but we think there’s room for a sing-along at any time of year so why not give it a try yourself here and get some practice in). This German tradition goes back to the 3rd century, when the children of a poor family were saved from being sold to slavery by three sacks of gold dropped through their chimney by Nikolaus! Getting an understanding of traditions, celebrations and folk lore really helps build interest in the language.

Please contact us if you’d like to know more about language learning at Fyling Hall School.