Book Club reads “Swallows and Amazons”

Our Year 7 – 9 book club assembled in our rather atmospheric library again today, and it was another great success – even if the book that had been diligently read by the book clubbers (“Swallows and Amazons”) was not universally appreciated!  However, the discussion was insightful: pupils commented on the ‘slow paced narrative’, the anti-climactic ending and the cumbersome sailing terminology whilst munching on the packed lunches – provided, along with a red and white picnic table cloth, by our wonderful school cooks. There were a few enthusiastic, if not lonely, supporters of the novel: Olivia and Tomas both agreed that Ransome’s loquacious descriptions brought the children’s adventures to life. The others were not convinced.

At the end of this meeting, the pupils wanted to offer a mark out of ten for the book…. and the average mark taken from our 10 book clubbers was a rather underwhelming 4/10.

Thank you to Tomas, Toby, Olivia and James (and any parental supporters!) for a wonderful selection of delicious home baked offerings which, judging by the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhs’ that rippled around the table as the Tupperware lids were peeled away, were a particular highlight.

The next book that was selected from a list of possible titles was Robert Swindells’ “Stone Cold”;  a Carnegie winner of old, and a rather less colourful but nonetheless edge-of-your-seat read about the experiences of a 17 year old homeless boy.

The next meeting will be during lunch time on Wednesday the 16th January. If any other Y7-9 pupil would like to take part, just read the afore mentioned novel before the next meeting and let me know. Until then – happy reading!