Last Thursday, 3rd of November, was… not bonfire night. However, this did not stop Whitby Rugby Club owner Peter Brown from setting up not one but two awe inspiring displays of Fireworks, One at 7 and the other at 8. With fireworks only being the main attraction there was definitely plenty more for the borders and daily’s alike to do. The event boasted a plethora of food including: Burgers, Sausages and Fish and Chips with all three being amazing so quotes journalism clubs own Damilare Williams: “The food available at bonfire night was as good as can be and when it’s cold outside hot food is at its best”. Another Hilarious experience for a few members at the school was Whitby’s ‘House of Mouse’ a fun filled experience that contained, for a few, some surprising challenges. It wouldn’t quiet be bonfire night unless there was a bonfire and indeed there was. A mountain of wood (and even a full sized boat!) was set ablaze in minutes and swiftly the crowd took solidity in the heat from the heap of embers and burning wood. This impressive event was sure to not be missed and we are thankful that many borders and daily pupils could attend such a fantastic event that brought hundreds together.