Boarding House

Boarding Houses

Our boarding houses play a crucial role in creating a warm and friendly atmosphere within our boarding community. Our boarding team create a fun and relaxed environment where both pupils and parents feel supported by experienced staff. This environment allows our boarders to develop socially, academically and mature emotionally in a secure and stable environment.

All houses are equipped with wireless internet, common rooms and facilities to make hot drinks and snacks. There are communal areas for the children to socialise, the sports hall is available on an evening and there is a busy weekend programme.

Fyling Hall boarding houses are situated within the school grounds. Accommodation is in homely, comfortable rooms with beautiful views.

“Throughout the boarding community there are strong relationships, between pupils themselves and with both the boarding and academic staff. Boarders enjoy the company of others and have a strong sense of family, feeling like ‘sisters and brothers’ in a house with a real sense of belonging”

(ISI Inspection)

Boarding House

Girls Boarding

The original Georgian family home of Fyling Hall known as Main House is the home to our girls who board. Spread over several floors, the girls (aged 11 to 18) live in rooms of 2 to 4 pupils, with stunning views of the Yorkshire coastline. The boarding house has a family atmosphere where pupils of all ages and nationalities socialise and provide support for each other, forging friendships that continue once they leave school. Miss Gilmour lives on the school site and is in charge of the pastoral care of both the boys and girls. She is always available to discuss the welfare of pupils or to answer any questions parents might have. Miss Emma Anders is our Head Matron and lives in Main House. She is an experienced member of staff who is there to support the girls and make them feel at home. She is accompanied by Bailey the dog who is popular with both girls and boys in the boarding houses. The Relief Matron is Mrs Ruth Stamp and she has a wealth of experience in supporting and nurturing both boy and girl boarders.

Boys Boarding

Mulgrave is home to boys aged 11 to 18 where they live in rooms of either 3 or 4. The building is arranged to allow lots of social space and the mix of ages creates a family atmosphere where everyone knows everyone. Mr Mayne is our Housemaster , who is a resident in the house and provides support and guidance for the boys and their parents.

Sixth Form Boarding

Year 12 and 13 boarders are accommodated in double rooms in their own part of the boarding houses and enjoy greater flexibility within the school day and at weekends. They have access to their own sixth form study centre and common room.

“I‘m already really thankful for the memories and friends I’ve made and I‘m excited for the upcoming weeks.” – Current Boarder

Pastoral Care

Due to our small size, strong relationships can be forged between Fyling Hall‘s staff and pupils. This allows us to meet the individual needs of each child. Pupils quickly come to feel part of our community, and this is the key to the family-like atmosphere. Providing guidance, support, advice and a safe environment encourages our pupils to be independent and play an active role in school life. We strive to create a relaxed, yet purposeful learning environment, where everyone can express themselves and fulfil their potential.

All pupils are allocated tutor groups where a tutor is assigned to support, monitor and guide, as well to as act as an important link to home. However much of our pastoral care also happens on a day to day informal basis. Relations between staff and pupils are strong: we engage with, and know the children well and as a result, we are able to recognise when they may need further guidance and support.

Miss Emma Anders, Head Matron and House Mistress of Main House, BSA Accredited in Boarding Management and Pastoral Care

Mr. Justin Mayne, House Master of Mulgrave House

Bailey the dog visits the Junior School Students and Boarding Students!

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Each boarder has a bed, wardrobe and drawers. There is also a corkboard for photos, posters or information, a secure locker and desks. Boarders can choose to use the school bedding or to bring their own covers in order to personalise their space. Boarders have access to the sports hall, outdoor basketball court, gardens, library, art room and music practice rooms. Supervised prep (homework) takes place in the school classrooms, There are three cosy, fully equipped common rooms including tea and coffee making facilities, microwave, kitchen, TV, play station, fussball, air-hockey, and pool. There is, a boys common room, a girls common room and a mixed common room where all boarders can mix and integrate.


The on-site laundry works on a rota system with bedding and clothing being washed on an allocated day.


The on-site matrons are able to meet the needs of boarders requiring medical assistance or health education and can arrange doctor’s appointments on behalf of the students.