Boarding School

Becoming part of a ‘boarding family’ can seem like a huge step into the unknown, so at Fyling Hall boarding school we do our very best to make sure that the experience is happy and fulfilling. It is important to us that both parent and child feel relaxed and secure.

Over the past 100 years countless lifelong friendships have been forged within our community – a few even leading eventually to marriage! Boarding School is an unrivalled way for young people to develop self-reliance, adaptability, tolerance and the ability to live and work with others. Boarding school encourages focus and perseverance and allows boarders to take advantage of the beautiful grounds and all Fyling Hall has to offer. Read more about Daily Life.

At Fyling Hall we welcome termly, weekly, short term and occasional boarders.

“Throughout the boarding school community there are strong relationships, between pupils themselves and with both the boarding and academic staff. Boarders enjoy the company of others and have a strong sense of family, feeling like ‘sisters and brothers’ in a house with a real sense of belonging”

(ISI Inspection)

Boarding School Houses

Our boarding School houses play a crucial role in creating a warm and friendly atmosphere within our boarding community. Our boarding school team create a fun and relaxed environment where both pupils and parents feel supported by experienced staff. This environment allows our boarders to develop socially, academically and mature emotionally in a secure and stable environment.

All Boarding School houses are equipped with wireless internet, common rooms and facilities to make hot drinks and snacks. There are communal areas for the children to socialise, the sports hall is available on an evening and there is a busy weekend programme

Girls’ Boarding

The original Georgian family home of Fyling Hall known as Main House, is the home to our girls who board. Spread over several floors, the girls (aged 11 to 18) live in rooms of 2 to 4 pupils, with stunning views of the Yorkshire coastline.

Boys’ Boarding

Mulgrave is home to boys aged 11 to 18 where they live in rooms of 2 to  4. The building is arranged to allow lots of social space and the mix of ages creates a family atmosphere where everyone knows everyone.

Boarding School
Boarding School

Pastoral Care

Due to our small size, strong relationships can be forged between Fyling Hall‘s staff and pupils. This allows us to meet the individual needs of each child. Pupils quickly come to feel part of our community, and this is the key to the family-like atmosphere.

“every time I come back, I remember how much I love it.”- year 10 boarder

Boarding School Dining

It is often quoted that our boarding school has a family-like atmosphere, and undoubtedly, the freshly cooked and nutritious meals that are served twice a day in our homely dining hall, help to contribute to this atmosphere.

Fyling Hall’s cooks, led by Karen Morley, are passionate about the food that they produce.


We are located in the North of England which is serviced by a number of international airports, and major railway stations that link directly to London. We try to remove the worry and stress of travelling to and from our school: at the start and end of every term and half terms we organise travel to York Railway station and transfers to airports by taxi. We will also endeavour to offer further assistance and guidance if you need to make travel arrangements outside of these services.

Daily Life

Boarding allows pupils to live and work in a nurturing family-like environment, sharing lessons, meals and activities. It provides a sense of routine and stability. The school day begins with breakfast in the dining room, just next to the boarding school houses. After school, boarders have access to the grounds and facilities and there is supervised evening prep. Each weekend there are optional activities and there is chance to relax and to visit nearby towns. Read more

Taster Sessions

If you think you might like to board but are still not sure, why not try it? We are happy for you to come and stay with us for a day, or even a week, so you can get a feel for Fyling Hall and boarding life. Just contact the school office to arrange a visit.