Boarding school life

Miss Anders, Main House Matron recently asked Fyling Hall boarding pupils a few questions about boarding school life . . . .

What do you enjoy about Boarding?

You get to socialise with your friends after school and get to know an array of people from different walks of life.  The boarding house is like a big family.  Stephanie, Yr 10, Croatia/China

I live with people my age which is fun and I know they are always there to talk to.  Anna, Yr 11, Germany

As a boarder what do you like about the weekends?

I like that we have interesting trips that vary all of the time.  Anisia, Yr 10, Ukraine

What do feel you get out of boarding?  

I feel that I can concentrate more with my studies which is important.  Hee Joo, Yr 11, South Korea   

A side from independence, boarding allows me to reach my optimum grades. As a boarding student at Fyling Hall School I can focus better on my studies because television, video games, phones and other distractors are limited. As a young scholar I perform better academically, because I live in an environment that is conducive to learning.  Jimena, Yr 10, Spain

What do like about the place where the school is situated?

It is not a city and there is no pollution.  It is beautiful.  Yr 10 Boarder, UK