Boarders take on Treetop Challenge

In their latest weekend activity, it was time for our boarders to take on a treetop challenge. On a stunning afternoon 13 brave (well some of them) students faced Go Ape’s Treetop Challenge at Dalby Forest. After the safety courses and instructional tutelage was complete, they were let loose in the treetops. It didn’t take long however, for some not so brave pupils to start doubting their choice of weekend activities as the first Tarzan leap required them to fling themselves off a platform and lunge desperately for a suspended cargo net.

With this and the first zip-line out the way courage was beginning to appear in even the most hesitant of climbers. The boarders then happily and somewhat confidently zipped, jumped, climbed, balanced, and screamed their way through the 2-hour assault course. With the challenge complete and certificates brandished jubilantly in the warm evening air it can be confirmed that on Sunday the 27th of April, the boarders not only took on the treetop challenge, but the boarders went ape!   

Justin Mayne, Mulgrave House and Games Department