13th September  2013

The start of term assembly is a tricky one to pitch. It needs to set the tone for the year, encourage and inspire, but preferably not cause a multitude of inward groans that they’re facing a whole year of this bloke wittering on every Monday. Fortunately for me, inspiration struck from a slightly unexpected source, and I started off by showing the new O2 television advert. The campaign is called ‘be more dog’, and the ad very cleverly takes a cat, bored, cynical and lazy and transforms him into a dog, enthusiastic, energetic and full of the joy of life. A gift for any headmaster. It obviously had at least some impact; Mrs G overheard a pupil on the way down to games encouraging our neighbour’s cat (lounging on top of the bin as usual) to ‘be more dog’.

On Friday the Junior School, who never need any encouragement to be more dog, proved just what grit and determination they have. Friday afternoon is Forest School time for the little ones in Form One, and up they went, despite rain on an almost Biblical scale. Particular credit has to go to Mrs Freer, the only one without a puddle suit and, I’m reliably informed, soaked to the skin by the time her school day ended.

The first tutor group to do assembly this year seemed to take up a similar theme. Mrs Wormald’s Year 13 group talked about dreams and ambitions, and overcoming hurdles to make the most out of life. They had also found a video, a truly inspirational one about a limbless Australian man and his philosophy of life. I’ll put a link below.

IMG_0798Time to end the blog now. Mr Coates, in the spirit of ‘being more dog’, has hired a digger to excavate space for a storage shed behind the Sports Hall, and I’m off to see how he does.

PVG 13 September

Be more dog video link

Video from Year 13 Assembly

Entertaining video for no particular reason