Forms 2 and 3 recently had an amazing insight into life in space thanks to the expertise and enthusiasm of Mr Stephenson, head gardener at the school. As well as learning many fascinating facts, they were able to observe and handle a wide range of artefacts from his vast collection. We would like to offer an enormous thank you to Mr Stephenson for extending our knowledge and developing our motivation and curiosity.

Olivia: “I really enjoyed it when Mr. Stephenson told us about the rubbish in space and the plans to remove it.”

Lilly Belle: “I was fascinated that the smallest meteorite in Mr Stephenson’s box was the rarest!”

Lewis: “It was definitely my best Science lesson ever!”

Ben: “The space patches took my fancy and I went home that night and looked them up on the internet.”

Jenna: “I couldn’t believe that the equivalent of two swimming pools of fuel is used in 25 seconds when a rocket is launched!”