The Big Fruit Debate

We all love a good snack, right? And it’s even better when that snack is healthy, such as a piece of fruit. It gives you a great boost of energy, and can get you through to lunch on a busy day. This is why I think that fruit is a perfect break food. It’s so much better for you than crisps and chocolate. However, while there is an abundance of fruit in the kitchen and dining hall, school does not permit us to have a piece during break. Now, I understand that Fyling Hall makes quite a profit in the Tuck Shop, so I see the appeal in directing students to there to grab a bite to eat. But why not offer fruit or other healthy snacks in the Tuck Shop as well? Personally I would much rather pay 25p, or 50p for an apple, than for a packet of crisps – if it were an option.

It can be difficult to get through to lunch sometimes, especially for the blue blazers and sixth formers. Its 6 whole lessons, with only a 20 minute break. And it can be even harder for students who elect to do a twilight lesson. Take my schedule for a Thursday for example: it kicks off with a lesson of German twilight before school at 8.30, followed by double science, double English, and double maths – all before lunch! And it’s not just me, there are 6 or seven other pupils in my year alone with this extra lesson tacked onto the beginning of the day. Without a good, healthy, revitalising, wholesome snack at break, we find ourselves dwindling in the last lessons before lunch. In fact, you can ask the maths department, the quality of our work lowers dramatically on such days. This is another reason why I believe that fruit should be offered as a snack option at break times.

So what is your opinion? If fruit was offered at break time, would you want it? Would you be willing to pay, say, 25p? Click on this link to see a little film that I put together with the help of some of our 6th formers.

abundance of fruit

Sophia Ferrer (Year 10)