Being a boarder has always been fun

Being a boarder has always been fun and now everything is starting to go back to normal. I can hardly believe it is October already! Time has flown by since we came back to school. We have had a lot of new students from all different parts of the world: Germany, Spain, France, Russia, Hong Kong, China and more! New friendships are being made, and we also have our own new boarder, Bailey the dog!

With things going back to normal, the last few weekends have been even more exciting. We have been doing a lot of different activities. We have been going to Scarborough a lot. It’s many people’s favourite place because it has many cultural shops. The Chinese shop is my favourite as they have really nice noodles.

Laser tag was also really fun as we went to a place which had a massive soft play area and we just went up and down with our laser guns. Paddle boarding at Wykeham Lakes was very cold as we all ended up trying to push each other into the water! I went into the lake, and it was FREEZING! It was really fun though. We all fell asleep on the journey back to school! Remember what I said? Being a boarder has always been fun!

Timothy, Y11 (Hong Kong)