Be a part of the Fyling Hall Community

First of all a big thank you to all the people who attended the Fyling Hall Christmas Dinner and the Christmas Fayre we raised a total of £764.76!!  We really appreciate everyone’s support of these events and hopefully we can invest the money in something brilliant for all the students.

We will be holding our AGM Wednesday, January 26th at 7pm in the school Library.  

If you would like to be involved with the ‘Friends of Fyling Hall’ please do come along! 

We understand people are busy and can’t always make the meetings but being a member means you are cc’d in all the minutes and emails and if you want to join a sub committee for any particular event that we organise, it will just mean that you are kept in the loop to opt in and opt out to help when you can.  As the motto goes ‘Many hands make light work’ which we certainly proved at the Christmas Fayre!  

We want these meetings to be efficient but also fun and a joy to be a part of the Fyling Hall Community.  You will also have a say on what the money is spent on.The meeting on Wednesday is a formality to establish the ‘Friends of Fyling Hall’ and to vote on the four key roles:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice Chair
  • Chair 

We will briefly review the Christmas Fayre and discuss future events and of course what we need to spend money on. I would hope that it won’t be too long so will be great if you can make it.

If anybody would like to put themselves forward for any of the roles above then please let us know in advance of the meeting. Please email with the details of your name and the role you would like to do.

Ann Louise Roswald, Stand in Chair