“It was cold and raining on Saturday the 20th of June, so some of the pupils baked cakes and cupcakes with Matron Sutherland.

Twelve pupils split into teams and decided to bake different cakes and cupcakes. There where cranberry &white chocolate muffins, blueberry jam muffins, cranberry and white chocolate cake and a spicy cinnamon birthday cake.WP_20150620_003

After mixing the ingredients it was exciting to watch the cakes growing. We realised that we probably put too much mixture into the white chocolate cupcakes as they grew bigger and bigger, got a hole in the middle and at the very end they collapsed and looked like Yorkshire puddings…!

It was great fun for everybody and we had a great time. The best thing about it was that at least it all tasted incredibly yummy.”

Matthius Fiedler (Year 10)