Back to a more “normal” way of life

Our Sixth Form have been organising events around school to try to get back to a more “normal” way of life.  Previous events have been a quiz night and a cake sale.  The most recent was a Hallowe’en event and Joe tells us all about it.

In the last week of our first half term a spooky aura beset the woods surrounding Fyling Hall. As students prepared for the eerie Fyling Hall Hallowe’en tour, shrieks emerged from the trees. 

The tour began with scary stories at the arch read by Emie before proceeding down to a spooky search under the maths huts for hidden treasures. The unfortunate souls then were taken to the terrifying tent where they watched a clip from the iconic horror movie ‘Scream’.

The tour then quickly proceeded up the winding path through the woods, where Ghostface was rumoured to be lurking. After escaping the clutches of the ghoulish killer, the tour arrived at the stables where the groups had to dig through mashed pumpkin guts to retrieve prizes.  

After these creepy events it was up to the woods for toasted marshmallows around a camp-fire but not before being ambushed by a swinging dummy petrifying everyone.

Overall the night went very well – all students and teachers involved thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great to be back to a more “normal” way of life.

Joe, Year 12