Back in the classroom

We are thrilled to have pupils back in the classroom.  Some of Fyling Hall’s Year 6 students have been learning in the classroom for nearly two weeks now.  Our main aim is to offer face to face support that will supplement remote education.  With Year 10s and Year 12s retuning this coming week, Year 6 teacher, Mrs Richardson, her students and parents share their thoughts on adding value for those who are in the classroom whilst integrating those still learning from home.

It’s lovely to see some of the Y6 children back in school, and they have adapted really well to the new routines which we have put in place. We have a Teams lesson every day with the home learners and a weekly tutor time, so that the children at home can do the same work and keep in touch with those in school. – Mrs Richardson, Junior School Teacher

I was really happy to see my friends, and I love the packed lunches! – Ciara, Year 6 student

I am pleased to be back in school with some of my friends again, and I like it because it’s very calm. – Dylan, Year 6 student

When I was learning at home, it was fun to have online lessons and message my friends, but I am glad to be back in school to see my friends again and we are doing lots of fun activities. – Haeun Kim, Year 6 student

I like being back in school because I can talk to my friends, and I like how the people at home join in with the lessons. – Jinhyeong Jang, Year 6 student

Daisy was excited to be getting back to school, she didn’t take any persuasion when we discussed it with her.  It sounds like they have all adapted well to the new regime. Working in Ramsdale and seeing even more of the senior school will be great for Daisy, when she makes the step up in September. – Year 6 parent