At a German Restaurant

Since Christmas, year 8 have been learning some true life skills in German. After learning the words for copious amounts of food (der Apfel, die Wurst, das Brot…), they learned to say what they do and don’t eat, and why (“Ich esse keinen Joghurt, denn ich bin laktoseintolerant.”) We also learnt about healthy eating (“Man soll keine Pommes essen und Cola trinken, aber man soll oft Salat essen und Wasser trinken.”), and they had to budget for a week on their own, with just 20 Euros to spend, leafing through a German Lidl flyer. Although I found some of their nutritional choices a bit questionable, they did a really good job, with some spending their budget to the last cent!

After learning how to order something at a bakery (“Ich möchte zwei Stücke Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte bitte,”) preparations started for the finale, a visit to a restaurant. This started by designing menus for their own restaurants, for which, during a mouthwatering lesson, pupils researched dishes in German cook books. Then finally, after having learnt some indispensable restaurant phrases, in the pupils wrote their scripts for a visit to a restaurant. The result? See for yourselves!