“On Saturday, myself and Oliver Sykes (both in Year 12) successfully completed the Lyke Wake Walk, a 42 mile walk from Osmotherly to Ravenscar. We walked the entire journey, taking just under 15 hours and had to endure rain, wind and fog. These conditions made it extremely difficult to navigate, but even when the odds were against us, we still carried on.

The first 10 miles went well, as we walked quickly and made good progress. However after this, the rain and fog kicked in and we were faced with a 10 mile disused railway track straight across the moors – it  never seemed to end! This was one of the worst parts of journey as it was incredibly dull.

After almost dying of boredom, we went up against a 3 mile bog. This was also very challenging as there was no way round it. At this point I came up with the idea that it would be best to pole vault over, using our hiking sticks. This didn’t work as my stick didn’t even touch the bottom and I ended up diving into the bog. However despite this, we both marched on.

We then began our long walk towards RAF Fylingdales, which never seemed to get any smaller. By this time every step was hurting us and we still had Jugger Howe to go. At Jugger Howe we had to walk down dozens of steps, then straight back up. At this point we didn’t know if we were going to finish. The last 2 miles seemed like an eternity, but eventually we finished at 10:20pm just before it was dark.

We have managed to raise around £350 to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Thank You to all the people who donated money.”

Arthur Green (Year 12)

Well done Arthur and Ollie! An excellent display of commitment, hard work and determination. We are all very impressed and proud of your achievement here at Fyling Hall.



Ollie and Arthur 3