A Creative Buzz in the Art Studio As We Delve Into Ceramic Sculpture

Lets take a step into Fyling Hall School’s vibrant art studio and discover the creative buzz that’s been brewing! This term, students in Years 5 to 10 have been delving into the world of ceramic sculpture during their art lessons. 

Ceramics is always a popular choice here. Each year group’s work is based on a different inspiration.

  • Year 5: Inspired by Jae Yong Kim, students are crafting small pinch pot ceramic donuts and cupcakes.
  • Year 6: Drawing inspiration from Lesley Anne Greene, Year 6 students are creating small pinch pot animals.
  • Year 7: Embracing the spirit of gargoyles, Year 7 students are sculpting large pinch pot monsters.
  • Year 8: Inspired by African masks, Year 8 students are fashioning slab-built masks.
  • Year 9: Utilizing the Scraffito technique, Year 9 students are crafting slab-built jugs adorned with intricate decorations.
  • Year 10: Exploring natural forms, Year 10 students are constructing coil-built vessels. Additionally, they’re engaging in an intriguing project, upcycling charity shop ceramics to explore the impact of color on 3D sculpture.


If you’d like to know more about the art curriculum at Fyling Hall School please contact Head of Art, Mrs Gillings.

Aside from lessons art clubs are available as extra-curricular activities. Our boarders enjoy using the art studio in the evenings and at weekends as well.

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