Art Exhibition and Classical Music Recital

On Monday 22nd June, the art department hosted an open evening showcasing the AS and A level pupils’ art work. Both the art room and The Barn were displaying the students’ work beautifully, with sketchbooks explaining the story and ideas behind their final pieces. Parents and friends came to support the pupils and feedback was greatly appreciated.

Later that evening, our music department hosted a classical recital where Matthias Fiedler (Year 10 student from Germany) performed the following programme on the French Horn and Cello:

  • ‘Romance’ – Saint-Sans on French Horn
  • ‘Nocturno’ – F Strauss on French Horn
  • ‘Rondo’ – Dvorack on Cello
  • ‘Movement 1’ – LaLo on Cello

Matthias was accompanied by Kate Fenton, a friend of the school and a wonderful concert pianist. Everyone who attended the event had a lovely evening appreciating the artistic and musical offerings from the talented pupils. Matthias was then invited to perform at a private function the week after to officially open Kate Fenton’s Concert Hall that was recently built on the back of her property.

Connor Asprey (Year 10)

Kate 2

Kate Humphries

Billie Jade Farmer "Facial Expressions"

Billie Jade Farmer “Facial Expressions”


Charlotte McAdam

Pippa Jones

Pippa Jones