Another bizarre year for Music and Drama

This year has been yet again another bizarre year for Music and Drama at Fyling Hall. We have had Year 11 and 13 exam concerts with no audience, a Fyling Hall’s Got Talent competition with only a handful of judges and the contestants, we even had an outdoor concert on the terrace to allow our Year 10 and 12 musicians the chance to perform.

Although it has been another bizarre year for Music and Drama, I have been proud of how my pupils have handled all the challenges thrown their way. There may have been bumps in the road for our Year 10 and 12 pupils along the way, but they have risen up stronger and more resilient and I couldn’t be more proud!

The performing arts will never truly be able to be stopped, especially when you have so many fantastic pupils wanting and willing to perform in whatever capacity they can. Most recently, I have been super proud of our younger pupils in the Junior School, who have been so excited to be performing a piece from Bugsy Malone, including singing, dancing, acting and fabulous outfits!

As I look to September, I hope for a brighter future in music and for even more performances and shows to happen, with bigger and better audiences. I hope that I can resume all the events I love, like the Carol Concert, the Eskdale Festival, The Rose Garden Festival, the many other Drama and Music performances, the Music and Drama trips outside of school and so much more! So fingers crossed for a restful summer, for our lives to be able to go to some of normal and for a super busy performing arts year next year.

I will be returning in September as Mrs Swain (we are finally having our wedding) and I can’t wait to see all of my lovely pupils again.

Helena Swain, nee Johnson, Head of Music