Everyone knows that the three main features for success are drive, will power and passion and these are all attributes that are encouraged at Fyling Hall School. Over the past couple of weeks, our headmaster, Mr Allen, has given some interactive and motivational assemblies in which he has talked about how, combining these three traits and others, you can eventually achieve personal goals. I recently helped write a story for our school newsletter where I drew attention to the importance of setting goals in order to achieve ambitions, especially in the lead up to the exams, and although there are many academic success stories at our school, we also are very proud of those pupils who have achieved, and are continuing to achieve, their ambitions in a range of other areas.

Jenna Coleman (Year 9) has been busy achieving some of her goals by recording a soundtrack for the film, “The Yorkshire Martyr, Nicholas Postgate”. Her vocal abilities were described as “excellent” by the soundman. Another musical marvel is Alfie Husband (Year 12) who set himself the goal of organising a music concert which was well attended and a great success. Tegan Robson (Year 12) has recently qualified as a swimming coach, and, continuing the swimming theme, Owen Robson (Year 9) and Jacob Lee (Year 5) certainly embrace all three of the attributes that Mr Allen has been talking about, and more, as they continue to train for many hours a week in order to compete at the highest of levels in swimming competitions. Jake is only 10 years old and has recently qualified in the County Swimming Championships in 7 events. Thea Fenwick (Year 10) has already achieved the accolade of being a British Ski Champion, and as I write, is training in Austria in preparation for her next national event.

What has helped our students do so well? Was it their patient and supportive families? Was it the hours they dedicated to their passion? Or was it the support of our little community? I think it was all three.

Annabel McMahon (Year 11)