An Inspirational Visit to SSEW

Earlier this month I visited Scarborough Science and Engineering Week, a three day annual event held in Scarborough Spa. This event is aimed at pupils roughly of the ages 4-18. It is designed to show how science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) can make a difference and an impact in the real world. SSEW attempts to inspire students to work and study in the STEM sector, and let them take a glimpse into working life in these areas.

Inside the event there were various different companies displaying themselves and their work in the STEM sector. These included; Sirius Minerals PLC, CU Scarborough, DTA and the University of Hull.

It was really interesting to see the array of different career paths you can choose in the sector, and the different technologies used for a great quantity of different jobs. When I first walked in, the vast numbers of different companies that were in the room was the first thing that occurred to me. It was quite overwhelming, so at first I just walked around, trying to get a sense of what took my interest. The first person I approached had a robot that danced, did martial arts and made eye contact with whoever was speaking. I was fascinated by him. This was by far the highlight of my day, as he danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller with the grace of an angel.

I also learnt many handy skills, such as how to weld two pieces of metal together, how to build a sustainable city, and how to survive in Neolithic Britain. All in all, I think the trip was very interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


Lilli Walsh

Y10 student