An important time to recharge the battery

School breaks are an important time to recharge the battery . . . for students and staff. Before they departed for their summer holiday, we asked a few of our international students to share their holiday plans, past and present. Have a read of what they had in mind . . .

In my summer holidays my family and I are flying to the USA. We are visiting my dad’s host family in San Francisco. We will stay at a beautiful house at the beach, near my Dad’s host family. We will go swimming and buy a stand up paddle board so we can go on the ocean. My Dad’s host parents have a big boat where we can stay, get tanned or go into the water. They also have a swimming pool at their house where we can go and relax. We are maybe going on the Golden Gate Bridge, which I would love to do. 

After we go to San Francisco we will go to Los Angeles. I don’t know what we will do there, I only know that we are staying in a hotel.Our trip to the USA will be three weeks long and I am looking forward to going there very much. 

Henriette, Year 9

In my holidays I had a lot of time to learn new things and I chose the Spanish language because it was my old dream to spent time in the country. Also I tried to improve my school subjects and skills that I found difficult, for example chemistry and biology. And of course I watched many films and TV programmes to learn English understood my mistakes in learning science terms and definitions and how I can do this more simply. If you already know two languages like I do, it is more easy to learn one more, so Spanish was not very difficult for me. In my opinion if you want to be really professional at something, you have to improve your skills all the time. It is the only way to get success in your future. 

Arina, Year 10

If you want to see an amazing, beautiful and very interesting city, just don’t hesitate more and run to Paris !!! Paris is the capital city of France and a perfect city to spend one day without getting bored..

First of all you have to know that Paris is one of the most amazing city in the world and you would be surprised in how many things you can do there. Of course one day it’s definitely short to do everything but don’t worry I’m sure you will go again after this day! 

As a visitor you can, as usual visit lots of places and museums like “Le louvre” for example which is very famous but you can also see some incredible things like “The Eiffel Tower” or “Les Champs Élysée”… Obviously you can not go to Paris without doing a bit of shopping as there are some incredible shops in all the street but especially in “les Champs Élysée” as I said before. Of course don’t forget to taste the French croissant because they are amazing and the best in Europe, there is another speciality in Paris that is “Macarons” some French desert that makes everyone fell in love with them because of there incredible tasting!!! 

If you worry about how you’re gonna travel around there, as it’s a big city there are lots of metro and taxis that aren’t very expensive actually… but you can also walk which is a great idea to see more details about the city and which is also a good way to enjoy your trip! 

I hope I encourage you to go there and let me know what do you think!

Toscane, Year 10

The Easter holidays was the best holiday which I have ever had as I was in London and spent time with my mother. My mother and I went to lots of different art galleries like the Tate, The National Gallery. My favourite was the Tate Modern Photography gallery, it was really cool and interesting there. I was so lucky because I saw work by the artist Rose Charlotte and actually she is one of my favourite artists so I was nearly crying because I was so happy. Being in the UK it is great to take in some of the culture and to see all of the art galleries and different events in London. It was a great way to spend the holiday and I hope to do it again soon.

Martha, Year 9