An exciting time planning and preparing

This term, we’ve had an exciting time planning and preparing for the year 11 and year 13 RockSchool Concert which is part of their course. Both nights should be fantastic events with songs being performed on a multitude of instruments. The pupils have been working and rehearsing hard ready to put on a good show for their first audience in 2 years! After so long of being indoors and locked away, we are so excited to welcome back our live audience and you won’t want to miss out.

Year 11 concert

This concert is on the 10th of March at 18:30 in the Barn.

an exciting time planning and preparing

We have seven wonderful musicians performing for you on this night: Tomas on the oboe, bass and piano. Toby on the guitar and piano. Sophie playing the guitar and singing. Amber who plays the piano and also sings. Timothy who is playing the piano. Sonny on the drums and Maya who will be playing a gorgeous Harp solo and also on the piano.

an exciting time planning and preparing

From Adele to Chuck Berry, this concert will definitely keep you entertained and impressed at what these amazing musicians can do.

Year 13 concert

The year 13 concert is on the 16th of March at 18:30 also in the Barn.

For this concert we have only 5 musicians playing (with a few extras thrown in – including myself) the people involved are:

Connie who will be playing the bass guitar, Beau who will be singing and playing the guitar, Steph who will be singing, playing the guitar and also the drums. You will also be hearing one of Steph’s original compositions in this concert and it is not one to miss! We also have Liv playing the piano and Emie singing various songs.

This concert may not have many musicians performing for you but their sound is by no means small, this concert will cover a wide range of songs from Steve nicks to an Amy Winehouse cover, each one sounding amazing.


Tickets for both concerts are available to purchase from Mrs Blackie in the school office:

  • A raised seat – £2
  • A table seat with snacks – £3

Please be aware of allergens when booking a table seat.

Senna, Y13