An exciting opportunity for drama students

Sixth Form drama students were given an exciting opportunity. On Tuesday 6th July pupils joined a workshop day, organised by Royal Northern College of Music. The workshops available covered diverse areas such as learning to improvise, acting and dance auditions, routes in TV and film and dealing with nerves. 

We were also thrilled to take part in panel discussions with industry leading choreographers, musical directors, lighting and costume designers and directors. 

The workshops were all accessed online and as a result some of our students who are working at home or who have already left for the summer were able to join as well. 

“It was really insightful. We got to hear about all the possible careers and courses in the performing arts, more than the ones you think of obviously. The Acting audition session by Annie Tyson from RADA, was really helpful to see what an acting audition is really like and how to fully prepare. She led us through what questions to ask yourself in preparation and how to learn the monologue. It was also good to hear what to expect in the audition its self. Scary to hear that at RADA there are 4000 students auditioning for 28 places! Getting to ask the professionals and those working at the institutions all the questions we might have was also a great experience and good to hear other people’s questions too.”

Liv, Year 12 Drama Student

“Dealing with Nerves was the best session for me. You can use it for nearly everything and really well explained, the leader (Mark Westbrook) explained really clearly. I want to study veterinary science but play in 2 orchestras at home and actually the skills are really helpful for exams prep, interviews etc. The routes into popular music Really showed that you don’t need really good grades in school, although it helps, as your experience is more important. Suki Pardesi answered questions really well and clearly. It was really cool that there were so many people taking part, particularly the experts leading the sessions who were all really knowledgeable” 

Teresa, Year 12 Music Student

 “The panels I watched were very informative and gave an insight into what working in the industry is like. The panels also gave tips on how to ‘get your foot in the door’ and how the speakers did it themselves. The panels also encouraged students to branch out to their local theatres to get some experience and inspire them to do more in their local community. Overall the panels were very informative in how the industry works and how to start a career in the industry.”

Joshua, Year 12 Photography Student

Spending time inspiring the Sixth Form with such a high calibre of industry professionals was a great way to spend the last few lessons of the term. It truly was an exciting opportunity for our drama students and has inspired us all to get reading and watching high quality performance as soon as we can. 

Helena Johnson, Head of Music & Teacher of Drama

Lizzie Jeeves, Head of Drama and English as a Second Language, Year 7 Tutor