The recent celebrations to commemorate the Queen’s birthday caused one of our international students, Alex Mas Balmara, to ask – why is it so important? She was encouraged to find out the main arguments for why the Queen is so important to some, but not to all – and this is what she wrote…

“On the 21ST of April, it was the Queen’s Birthday. Some people believe that the Royal Family and the Queen are still relevant and important even in today’s modern society. Many people see the Queen as very symbolic to the United Kingdom and to the Commonwealth; this royal importance brings in a lot of revenue to London and the rest of the country though tourism. The history and traditions behind the many previous monarchs and our current Queen is also very rich, many people believing that if the monarchy was lost then a lot of the history behind it would gradually be lost.

However, there is another group of people that don’t follow these sorts of beliefs. They don’t see the Queen and the monarchy with the same value. Although they have a special symbol, there are some other countries such as America, France and China that keep functioning without a monarchy. Some people also feel that we should be allowed to choose the Queen or King of our own country.

These are the two different points of views from the citizens about the Queen. Now, after reading this , what do you really think about it?”

Alex Mas Balmana (Year 9)