After-school Clubs and Societies to return

Even with just five weeks left of this unusual and disrupted academic year, we wanted a selection of after-school Clubs and Societies to return. So from Monday, 14th June we’ll be running a few events between 4:30 and 5:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays for various year groups with buses back to Whitby and Scarborough afterwards:

  • Tennis: all year groups and all abilities. (Sign up with Mr Coates or Mr Parker.)
  • Duke of Edinburgh: year 9. (See Mrs Trotter for details.)
  • Music Theory and Harmony Group: years 11, 12 and 13 (starting in week 2 of term, sign up with Ms Johnson.)
  • Football: all year groups and all abilities. (Sign up with Mr Coates or Mr Parker.)
  • Art, Science & Technology: years 7 and 8 (Sign up with Mr Instone.)
Details on our Art, Science and Technology Society:

Starting this Wednesday we’ll be investigating and re-making the art and technology of communication from over 6000 years of history, from cave paintings to WiFi. For this term we’ll begin at the beginning by learning practical skills in making tools, and crafts, to take home, seeing the link between art and science:

• You’ll learn how the first writing was invented and make your own Sumerian clay tablet carved in your own hieroglyphics.

• We’ll forage in the woods to find the right plants to make our own Egyptian style papyrus – the first paper.

• But before we can make our scrolls, we’ll need to make our own pens, and they’ll need ink too, which we’ll make from scratch from natural ingredients in a variety of colours.

• Ever used a potter’s wheel? We may have a go at making small bowls and figurines from clay.

That will probably take us to the summer, but next year we’ll look at the invention of the printing press and do some screen printing. Then will come electronics as we’ll make our own morse code radio transmitters and receivers to broadcast a message over short distances. Once we meet the transistor, we can amplify signals as well as store bits of information. We’ll have then entered the age of computing – you’ll learn how computers work and how to program them in their own language, before working on more complex projects using Python on the Raspberry pi microcomputer.

(This is all part of our commitment to what’s often called STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, linking these practical subjects together to develop a new generation of innovators.)

We cannot wait for after-school Clubs and Societies to return!

Ayd Instone, Head of Enrichment