After I became a boarder

Hyunbin, one of Fyling Hall’s international GCSE students, kindly shares what life is like “after I became a boarder”.

I have been at Fyling Hall for more than 2 years, but I started to board from the last term. Before I started boarding, I did homestay in my guardian’s house. My homestay family was Korean, so I could have comfortable communication, but my English was more slowly developed compared to the international boarding students. It has been only one term since I started to board, but I’m sure that my English is already improving more quickly.

When I was at home or my homestay house, my life was very sedentary, especially as we did online learning. There was no one to play sports with me. But after I became a boarder, we played various sports in our sports hall 3~5 times per week. As I can use school facilities freely, I was able to concentrate to my works more easily. I find it very hard to study by myself, but as the boarding staffs supervise us to follow the timetable, it became easier.

Before I started boarding, I was worried about various things. Now I don’t regret my decision. Personally, I quite like boarding.