Admissions Process

Fyling Hall, is a thriving co-educational boarding and day school with a family-like community. We welcome students from age 4 to 18, with boarding from age 11.

We pride ourselves on a personalised and responsive admissions process. Our objective is to best understand potential students, to ensure that both parties are well suited and that each pupil’s potential can be fully realised. We are focused on achieving what is right for your child and will support you through every step of the admissions process.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or would like any advice. Our Assistant Bursar is available on +44(0)1947 880353 during school hours or at Choosing the right school is a very big decision and we are here to help.

The following is a step by step guide to the admissions process. You can find further information on admissions here

  • Parent or agent provides a copy of the prospective student’s school report and passport.
  • The school report is reviewed by our Deputy Head, Academic, and if needed, our Headmaster.
  • Upon a successful review, an interview with our Headmaster is arranged. International students’ interviews are generally conducted via Skype.
  • We do not have an entrance exam and accept students with a range of abilities. Although there is an expectation that students will have the ability to cope with the curriculum that Fyling Hall offers.
  • A school place is offered (upon successful interview).
  • Once the offer is accepted, contracts are issued with a request for documents.
  • Parents are required to fill out and return the School Contract.
  • On receipt of the completed contract / documents an acknowledgement letter is sent out by Fyling Hall. 
  • The £100 registration fee (all pupils) plus the £400 refundable boarding deposit (for international students only) is now due to secure the school place.
  • Once payment is received the school place is confirmed.
  • For international students requiring a student visa an invoice will be raised for first terms fees. Fees are due on receipt of the invoice.
  • Once fees are received, you will receive a list of the additional documents required for application for CAS. (International students requiring a student visa only.)
  • When all documents are received the CAS can be applied for (International students requiring a student visa only.).
  • An invoice is raised with the 1st term fees prior to the start term for all students not requiring a student visa. Fees are due on receipt of the invoice.
  • School starting information is provided.
  • Travel details are arranged with International students.
  • Uniform can be purchased in person at the start of the academic year, or the week before the start of the academic year or by contacting

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Further Admissions Information

At Fyling Hall we welcome day pupils from age 4 – 18 and boarders from age 11 – 18. In some cases younger boarders are accepted by prior agreement.

Pupils join the Junior School (link to page) in reception to year 6, the Senior School (link for page) from year 7 to year 11 and the Sixth Form (link to page) from year 12 to year 13.

Non-Selective Admissions

Fyling Hall is proud to be both non-selective and academic, welcoming students with a range of abilities. The school is regularly highly-rated for value-added and specialises in helping students to improve and excel and to exceed their predicted grades and baseline scores. Students show significant improvements after joining Fyling Hall, whatever their start point.

There is no entrance test and the school is open to any pupil who is capable of accessing and making progress from the education we offer. There is a reasonable expectation that pupils joining the Senior School have the ability to cope with the curriculum that the school offers.

It is important that during the application process parents disclose any information that will affect the applicants education. Parents must, as soon as possible, disclose any particular known or suspected circumstances relating to their child’s health, allergies, disability, learning or social difficulties. This will allow us to ensure we are able to fully support all students that join our school. Our students’ health and wellbeing is of utmost importance.


If there is space in the appropriate year group we are happy for pupils to join us at any time in the school year. We also offer short term enrolment and boarding options. In some cases we may be able to discuss flexibility in the year group your child will join, if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the student and the school, for example to accelerate learning or allow applicants the opportunity to catch up.

If you have specific requests or concerns please contact us.

Special Educational Needs

Fyling Hall has a strong Learning Support department and every effort will be made to support pupils joining us with additional requirements. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements (link to email). The needs of the school and the student will always be considered in any decision.

Equal Opportunities

Fyling Hall welcomes children from many different ethnic groups, backgrounds and creeds. We are proud of our diverse and inclusive local, national and international community. All candidates for admission will be treated equally. Every application will be considered on its merits and a decision will always be based on what the school is able to provide and the best interests of the applicant.

Life After Fyling Hall

We are proud of the adults Fyling Hall students become. Nearly all our students gain a place at their first choice university and go on to fulfilling careers. In the past few years, the brightest students from Fyling Hall have made it to University of Oxford (studying Fine Art and Biochemistry) and University of Cambridge (studying Medicine) – which is especially encouraging stories coming from a non-selective school! At Fyling Hall we support our students in taking the next steps in life with careers and university advice. Learn more here

Admissions Policy Document


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