On a lovely sunny morning, what could be better than abseiling off a 37m high viaduct in Whitby? The person responsible for this marvellous idea was Zoe Catlett – one of our Year 11 students. This summer, Zoe is heading off to Peru on a 4 week expedition. This will involve her working on various voluntary projects, helping both local people and also the environment. She will be doing things such as building projects, helping local children with their English studies and working with farmers to develop their land. As such, Zoe needs to raise money to do this and part of this fundraising involved her doing this sponsored abseil.

abseiling 3 abseiling 2

With the support of family, friends and a few Fyling Hall staff, we all braced ourselves for climbing over the wall and putting our trust into the ropes and weights that were holding us. There were a few inelegant views of staff trying to delicately and bravely perform the descent, only to be shown up by Zoe heading straight over the wall and abseiling as if it were all too easy! It was huge fun and an experience to be remembered.

A huge thank you to all from Lost Earth Adventures who organised and ran the day for us, and to Richard and Holly who were there on the day to encourage us and make it both fun and safe. Their professionalism and attention to detail was fantastic. Also thanks go to Railway Paths for allowing us to use the Viaduct.

Miss Walker