Friends of Fyling Hall

Parents of Fyling Hall pupils are all members of the Friends of Fyling Hall (PTA). The Friends of Fyling Hall (PTA) are a group of parents from the whole school who get together to arrange events like bake-sales, fairs, chocolate bingo, discos, raffles and more. They meet to plan events, discuss fund-raising, receive updates on school news and plans, and organise other activities to support the school community.

Friends of Fyling Hall are an important part of the school community and play an active role in school life. The time commitment is not big and we welcome involvement in any capacity. Even if you are only able to spare the occasional hour over the course of the school year, or are based in another country, we would love to hear from you. It is a really good way to be part of your children’s school life.

There are many ways you can get involved such as helping with an event, baking cakes or donating raffle prizes. Your support helps Friends of Fyling Hall to provide additional school resources that directly benefit the pupils, to run social events to promote the sense of community, and to support the school’s charity work.

To get involved please contact