A trip to their home country

Our English as a Second Language students in Year 10 have been giving presentations about a trip to their home country. For several lessons, the pupils have been putting together an itinerary for a group holiday to their home nation- Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, Russia and France respectively. The students have planned excursions to the Eiffel Tower, the Rio Madrid stadium, and St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. On these holidays we could be swimming with dolphins, surfing in Ibiza, or visiting the Europa Park in Freiburg. The possibilities are endless!

All of the students did a great job of creating their presentations and it was really impressive that they were able to stand up in front of the class and speak. By taking us on a trip to their home country, each pupil was also able to practise the future tense in a fun way!

Now we just need to persuade Mr Allen to let us go on an all expenses paid trip to Europe, Asia and beyond . . .

Rosie Havelock, ESL Teacher