A tradition continues but with a difference

A Fyling Hall tradition continues but with a difference. This afternoon was the playing of our traditional house hockey match.  Fyling Hall has always had pac matches as they have been called.  According to Mr Coates, Head of Games, “it is an extra tradition with a shield that goes back 40-50 years.” 

This year’s match is different as the teams are mixed.  With tournaments hard to come by in the current environment, boys and girls playing means that are more involved. Pre match, Mr Coates, who is also coach at Whitby Hockey Club, went on to comment,

Today will be quite interesting as we’ve had some practice runs and some of the hockey they have played has been really, really good, as in they have moved the ball quickly.  It doesn’t matter if it is an athletic person.  The passing is taking them out the game.  It will be quite a good game as each team is not reliant upon one person.  Each team has a number of decent players.  They better team will win.  One good individual will not be able to carry the team.  It’s really close!  Pre practice, it looked like the reds would have it, but in training, the blues have been coming back.”  And of course, the match will be properly officiated and heavily scrutinised. 

Want to know the result? Take a look!