A time of reflection

The Leavers Ball is always a time of reflection for me, especially when some of the children I taught in Reception have finished their exams and are leaving school for their next adventure. It is such a privilege seeing these pupils on their journey through Fyling Hall. They come to Form 1 as tiny four-year olds and I teach them, not just to read and write and count, but to enjoy and get excited about their learning, introduce them to forest school, to challenge themselves and find school fun. We really take the school motto, ‘the days that make us happy, make us wise’, seriously and I have learned that happy children really do find learning easier.

We want the children to be the best they can be and we encourage them to be individuals, to be kind and to work hard. Olivia, our Head Girl is leaving sixth form to go to university and I am so proud of all she has achieved. She regularly came back to help in the Junior School and the children love seeing her and having lunch and chatting with her on their table. Liv also does show rounds and only this morning, a prospective couple were singing her praises, saying how confident and polite she was. She is a great role model for the younger pupils. The Head Boy, Josh, was also a Junior School pupil and he has spent time with the younger pupils and they are always so excited to see him. Fyling Hall really is like a family and it is so lovely that the older pupils will take the time to come and play with our pupils in the playground, hear them read or help them with their class work.

Tomas and Toby who joined Fyling Hall in Reception, have just finished their GCSEs and tower above me now! “Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man,” said Aristotle and I agree.

Tomas and Toby always had a thirst for knowledge, even at a young age, they worked hard and were curious, interested and bright children. They have grown into hardworking, high achievers and again it is a privilege to have been a part of their early education. It is wonderful seeing how they grow up and change into young adults with their own opinions and views of the world.

A time of reflection

As usual, I will be very emotional on Speech Day but also very excited about my new Reception starters in September.

Amanda FreerJunior School Headteacher