A spotlight on German lessons

Today (two weeks into the new year, and into online learning) I would like to put a spotlight on German lessons. Allow me to give you a look into our German classroom and the wide variety of topics Years 7 to 13 are covering at the moment.

Year 7 have just learnt vocabulary for a variety of animals, and now they are working towards describing their own pets, or what pet they would like to have.

In Year 8, the topic is food. They can now say what food they like or don’t like, and also – a very useful skill – saying why they can’t eat certain food: “Ich esse keine Nudeln, denn ich bin glutenintolerant.”

Since November, our Year 9 pupils have been learning how to describe people, both their appearance and their character. This skill will find practical application over the next weeks, when they create a pen-and-paper-roleplaying game style character, and let these characters interact. Watch this space for reports on how this works out!

A spotlight on German lessons

Year 10 and Year 12 have just started on the same topic: Music and TV! While year 10 talk about their favourite TV shows and bands, the A-level class take a wider look at the matter, for example discussing why so many German bands sing in English and also exploring some German language bands (do you know Rammstein, Nena, or – our favourite – AnnenMayKantereit?)

Year 11 are busy preparing for their GCSE. As of yet we don’t know how GCSE grades will be awarded, but this doesn’t prevent this lot from carrying on in their studies. Their current topic is something we all crave: Holidays! Presently we are practicing how to check into a hotel, and how to complain. Useful skills indeed, and practicing these dialogues in Teams “breakout rooms” is fun!

A spotlight on German lessons

Finally, Year 13 have been investigating racism in international football for their A-Level course – an unpleasant, but insightful topic!

As you can see, we cover a wide range of topics to put under a spotlight on German lessons!

Frau Regine Trotter, Teacher of German