A piece of cake!

Fancy a piece of cake? Time in the kitchen does more than satiate our sweet tooth. Learning to bake and/or cook develops many skills from maths, to coordination to those for independent living. It is also a social and fun activity and for some, a great stress reliever.

Exciting news

What better time for Fyling Hall to announce our plans for a new cooking facility? Located next to our Wellness Room, our plan is to install a couple of ovens (with hobs) as a base for our budding chefs and bakers. Of course, many pupils have already had a chance to bake during the Summer Activities Week, in Miss Gilmour’s kitchen. Having facilities at school means this type of event can happen more often. Boarders can create some culinary wonders at the weekend, perhaps for someone’s birthday or to celebrate some momentous event. A baking/cooking club could run after school or perhaps the juniors would like to show off their baking skills. And more!

We need your help

In order for this to happen we do need help in generating some funds towards the cooking facility. To kick the fundraising off, we will host a cake sale on Monday, 10th February. This is normally a very popular event with the pupils (for obvious reasons!) and will hopefully start us on this exciting journey. Accompanying this, we will open a ‘Pop-up Café’ after school, where parents will be most welcome to join us for coffee and cakes (children are welcome too). We will also raffle off some wonderful ‘Showstopper’ cakes (more information to follow).

Looking ahead

We have lots of other ideas to help towards the cooking facility that will hopefully prove to be popular events for everyone involved. Watch this space for upcoming events this year! Thank you in advance for your support in this endeavour. And don’t forget, please set a reminder for Monday 10th February; all cake donations are gratefully received, and we hope you will join us for a piece of cake!