A nice way to end our History topic

We were very lucky to go on a school trip to the National Railway Museum, in York, on Thursday 24th February as a nice way to end our History topic. School trips are a great way to reinforce learning outside the classroom. The Junior School have been learning all about the history of the railways and how the industrial revolution shaped Britain, so this museum was the perfect destination.

A firm favourite at the museum was seeing Stephenson’s Rocket – “It wasn’t the same colour as it originally was but I thought it was really cool” Harry, Form 2

Another favourite was the Mallard, “the Mallard held the record as being the fastest steam train – I can’t believe I got to have a picture taken next to it” Arthur, Form 2.

The children were very excited when they got see the Royal carriage – a carriage that Queen Victoria herself travelled on “It was really pretty and Queen Victoria was actually on it, I liked seeing the crown on the front of the train”. Esmae, Form 2

I liked having a packed lunch with your friends and seeing all the trains, my favourite was The Mallard”. Jessica, Form 1

I liked the journey with my friends and seeing the Bullet – the fastest train” Emily, Form 3.

The children were a pleasure to take on the trip and it was lovely to see them freely enjoying the museum and recognising trains we have been exploring during school. A nice way to end our History topic indeed!

Lisette Vincent-JonesPrimary School Teacher