A new selection of activities for our boarders

It is a new term and time for a new selection of activities for our boarders. Now that the weather is getting a bit colder I have tried to offer a mixture of events. Some that suit the cold weather and others that offer a little shelter from the conditions.  For instance, on our first weekend, pupils took part in a portrait drawing masterclass with our very own master drawer, Mr Instone.

From last term I have noticed that pupils aren’t as bothered by the adverse conditions as they appear and will usually sign up for the activities that are a little more extreme. We have one of the best environments, with being on the coast, many activities and events are within a stone’s throw of the school. Local businesses have supported the school and offered their services while maintaining a Covid safe environment for the pupils to thrive in. To those who have I can’t thank you enough! Although we are in a rural location, it doesn’t take long to reach a city to find some slightly more diverse activities.  Upcoming activities include trampolining, laser tag, downhill skiing, quad biking, golf and more!

The weekend staff have shown a real enthusiasm to offer events of their own on the evenings which has really helped diversify the events that pupils can access. It also allows me to see what pupils enjoy as I generally prefer high octane and risk filled adventures. I hope that all pupils get involved with the weekend activities and make the most of our new selection of activities for our boarders. It is important to remember that an opportunity missed is an opportunity lost. Make the most of today! 

Simon ParkerTeacher of Physical Education and Mathematics & Boarding Activities Co-ordinator