A new scheme of learning

We’re looking at a new scheme of learning that focuses on studying and writing a variety of non-fiction texts from journal writing to newspapers to writing about our surroundings.

Over the past few weeks, some year 7 students have been stranded on a desert island. But never fear – they are certainly making the best of it.

After a plane taking the students to a poetry competition was lost from the radar, students found themselves washed up alone on a desert island. They have been exploring, making camps, mapping their island, writing newspaper front pages and a whole host of other activities as well as keeping a journal of their adventures. As you might expect considering all they have been through, the journals are a little the worse for wear after having been water-logged in the ocean and then exposed to tropical heat but I have to say that they look fantastic and year 7 have been working exceptionally hard throughout.

With a series of tasks to complete, the year 7s have also been adding to their journals with their own ideas: poems, extended pieces of writing, pictures and diagrams, and much more. I have been making my own journal alongside the class as we go (I didn’t want to miss out on all the fun) and as we move into this next week there will be a new twist to the saga as the pupils (who have, up until this point been stranded and alone on their island) will have the chance to meet up and to plan their own rescue!

Wish us luck.

Chris ThomasHead of English