PVG 6Congratulations to all the Fyling Hall students who did so well in their A Levels this week. The Upper Sixth passed every single A Level they took,45% of them at A or A*. University places are still being finalised, but most have achieved their first choices.

Particular congratulations to our trio of Polish students, Bartosz, Michal and Wiolett, who accumulated five A*s and seven As between them. Bartosz is off to Cambridge to study engineering and Michal to Warwick to study mathematics. Wioletta is in the happy position of having to decide between Bristol University and a scholarship in Poland.

PVG 8Congratulations also to Head Girl Sandra, off to study engineering and business management, and Head Boy Josh, who will be studying criminology when he returns from his trip to India with Operation Raleigh.

There was success in the Lower Sixth too, with Mateusz, Daniel and Michael clocking up twelve As and a B between them, which bodes well for next year.

Well done to all our sixth formers who worked so hard and achieved so much, and to the teachers who helped them to get there. And good luck to Year 11 for next week!