A-level results are testament to students’ resilience

“This year’s A-level results are true testament to the resilience of our students, and we could not be more delighted.”  So commented Fyling Hall School’s Headmaster, Mr Steven Allen. 

We are proud of all of our students with a special mention for our head students who all achieved A and A*s.  Importantly, all of Fyling Hall’s students have been awarded their first-choice university. Overall results are in line with the national averages.

“As I have said before, it is hard to comprehend how young people felt during the pandemic. The constant change, confusion and curtailment of day to day life was very difficult.  In spite of this, our students navigated their way through and produced outstanding results.  The staff and I could not be prouder of our A-level students not only for their results, but also for the positivity which brought them here.  On a daily basis they proved to be adaptable, creative, resilient, determined and compassionate. These skills will serve them very well in the future.”

Fyling Hall has always prided itself on its small class sizes.  Their continued education offering throughout the pandemic also ensured that student learning was not interrupted at any point.  A close and continued relationship with students also stood staff in good stead to ensure our teacher assessed grades were rigorous and accurate. 

As stated in yesterday’s “Independent,” teacher assessment of pupils is a better and more “accurate” way of awarding grades than formal exams, the government’s qualification regulator has said. Simon Lebus, the interim head of Ofqual said having teachers grade their pupils on work throughout the year would give a more “holistic judgement” rather than the “snapshot” provided by an exam.

In closing, Mr Allen added, “having been scrutinized for an extended period, we have complete confidence that our pupils have achieved their results on merit.  Congratulations to all A-level leavers . . . we wish them all the very best for the future.”